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Laura Skinner Art - The Reed Queen

The Reed Queen



  • Woodwind Reeds 

  • Recycled Packing Paper & Cardboard

  • Recycled Curtains

I created this piece for Chestertown RiverArts Reimagined Runway. For this fashion show, designers created outfits from recycled materials.


My piece was created from reeds that would be used as part of a woodwind instrument mouthpiece, generously donated by D'Addario. The black reeds are special ‘plasticover’ reeds that have a plastic coating. All of the reeds are defective for one reason or another and could not be used to play music, but came to life in this reclaimed design.


After the show, I was invited to display my piece in the window at Mimi's Closet, a boutique in downtown Chestertown, MD.


Featured in The Kent County News and The Star Democrat

Photos by Windy Asmussen, Ben Majors, Laura Skinner.

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