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Laura Skinner Art - The Banana Outfit

The Banana Outfit



  • Yellow Neoprene 

  • Green Ponte

I went into this project wanting to create something impractical and fun, because I’d been struggling to make stuff and wanted to shake up my creative process. Sitting down to make a painting or opening my sketchbook to draw just pulls me into a thought process I’ve been in thousands of times before. But to sit down and make a banana outfit- my brain had nothing to latch onto and that was wonderful.


And no matter how silly the outfit looks or how messily I sewed it together, it was entertaining for me. And I will say, standing in a banana outfit under banana trees in front of a roadside attraction called Dinosaur Kingdom II in southwest Virginia, I felt really silly (but also really happy) to have created this thing.

Photos by Andrew Skinner.

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