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Practicing Persistence

Making art is so hard for me. Not the technical side of things; the skills have always come naturally to me. But the mental side of it is the mountain I have to scale every time. Art is a challenge. But it’s usually an “I want to face this challenge head-on” situation, but it’s still difficult. Most of the time my brain has ideas it wants to express, but when it comes to the execution, my mind seems to always be looking for a new way. A perfect way to solve the problem, or express the notion. So I end up jumping around between a million different mediums- painting, drawing, sewing, writing, blogging, filming videos or taking photos. My brain rakes through all the options. Which is fun, amazing, exhilarating and wild. But that process alone can be exhausting. Thinking through it all and coming up with a solution can be enough for me to say ‘ok, I figured it out,’ without the idea physically manifesting itself. That’s the thing that I have to overcome. All the art that I’ve brought into the world has come through that whole process, in addition to me having the drive to get myself over the mountain peak and create the thing my brain came up with. That’s something I’m trying to work on in 2020. One of my goals is to be persistent with a project, even when I feel exhausted or uninterested in the idea of execution. So here I am, writing even though I’ve been putting it off for days, because I want to share these kinds of thoughts on my blog. I want to push past the difficulty and make art, whatever medium it may be or how hard it is on my brain. 🙂

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