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Hello, 24

Hello, 24. Nice to meet you. I think we'll get along nicely. You see, 23 was really wonderful. 23 was bright and bold, and full of new ideas. She wanted to paint and sew, and smell every flower. Soak in every sunbeam.

23 discovered people; artists and creators that made beautiful work, and connected with them online and off. 23 realized that behind every colorful instagram photo, every careful painting, is a real person. She realized that everyone really is just trying to figure things out. Like, everyone.

23 became friendlier. She decided to make a point of encouraging people, especially those who were encouraging her. And what startled 23, was that she found herself saying things she wouldn't have said before. Being genuine about things she would have just rolled her eyes at previously.

She made a point to make things happen. 23 planned trips to art museums and new cities on Saturdays or over long weekends. She realized that there are too many things to see in this world to wait for the "right time." Right now is as good a time as any.

23 made a lot of art. A lot more art than any other year. She committed to Instagram as a way to stay accountable with making work. It was her homework, and she earned a gold star. She made a lot of ugly pieces. A lot of floral patterns. A lot of gouache sketches. Some oil paintings. She sewed pouches and bags. 23 wanted to try making everything, and even though her content wasn't consistent, her hours were. And that was a big accomplishment.

So you see, 24, you have big shoes to fill. 23 was a little bit of everything wonderful and a little bit stupid. I think you have great potential though, for something even more wonderful and stupid (in the best way). We've had a great first day together, and I'm excited to get to know you.

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