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5 Positive Instagram Accounts Getting Me Through Quarantine

Updated: May 28, 2022

When every day feels exactly the same for those of us that have the privilege of staying home, the internet can be a lifeline for uplifting content. Here are some of my favorite artists I follow that always share the most encouraging words.

1. Morgan Harper Nichols

If you guys aren’t already following Morgan, TODAY IS THE DAY. Her artwork and writing are so beautifully crafted. She usually writes in response to a single person’s story, but her words are so relatable to anyone.

2. Artsy Affirmations

I love the aesthetic of Faith and Kerra’s artwork! It is always so bright and whimsical, but they hit on some pretty real topics as well.

3. People I’ve Loved

Carissa Carlson’s artwork usually involves a figure trying to process the world around her, and is super relatable! Her style is simple, but really captures the essence of being human in this wild world.

4. Adam J. Kurtz

Adam’s writing and sense of humor about the world are so refreshing. He acknowledges the realities of being a creative person and isn’t afraid to talk about emotions. One of my favorite parts of his brand is his emails- sign up for his email list!

5. Sophia.Joan.Short

Sophia writes encouraging sentiments in everyday places. You feel like you might just stumble upon them out in the world. I love how simple her materials are for such profound statements.

Definitely give these artists a follow! Are there any accounts that have been keeping you entertained/motivated/joyful during quarantine? Let me know who else is a must-follow!

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